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dolma Loving this EP.. So groovy... Awesome songs... Good work Obstinate.. Favorite track: Heed.
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released May 2, 2017

Recorded at Tweaklab Studios.
Synth designed by Harshit Richhariya
Mixed and Mastered by Hanish Taneja
Artwork : Shrabani Baruah

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Music by Obstinate



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Obstinate India

We are a Rap/Djent band from India and we like to groove the fuck out!

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Track Name: Intro
Its far away, not a stray
It seems, "Lean on" is all they say
Track Name: Plight
Turn my back on 'em when I'm on the block,
Same faces shootin' damn race you to the glock bang! bang!
Chitty bang bang "when they gonna stop?"
Puffin' the poison I'm making some noises when they ask "Have you ever heard the voices comin' from your heart?"
Well I don't really care you'll be cryin' over bullshit in the mall talkin' about - "Nothin' man look what I've got.
Same shit stuck in the same part, blood in my vein stop,
Rush in my brain stop, just when the rain drops over the flames,
Hot hot hot red colors' my paint job
Tell me who's gonna take the long walk huh?
Two choices runnin' with the poor voices,
Gotta get the green vouchers but the plan's pole walted.
Can I chance Lord? Its my glory."
"When you die it'll be another story"- he told me.

Waste away, or decide,
your face was left inside my eyes and all,
Your quest will leave this space without an answer, but a disguise.

Stop and think for a while, rebuttal with a smile,
Gotta walk hundred miles, gotta close them files.
Get up rotating peddles, Wear 'em hanging medals,
Walk on floating pebbles, Living life all that matters.
Pay the price, is it wise? Is it worth realise will it work?
Will it hurt? Will the mic in my hand
Get my band to the prize to the heights.
Truth or lie?
Oh this Plight's wont stop the moment I die.
No I can’t even hold still, how am I supposed to pose
Latter the shook one, bring me a ladder to hold
Bring me a blanket I'm cold or a packet of soul
When push comes to shove I'll swallow it whole
I wont go down wont bow down to the dreams they impose
Pictures on wall about the shit that you post
Murder this mic I ain't playing games no more
Sit back relax as the story is told.
Track Name: L.O.L
Ape's coming at you from the north-west
Roll on the cycle, no porches, hold that
Beat right there!
Talk shit about your worst nightmare
Haha it ain't my first time here, yo it ain't my first time here,
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up!
Lemme make this shit clear huh?
First things first I ain't never like you
Shots in the dark, its the path I choose
And if I find you then I might fight you
My gun tight shoot you like phew phew
You gonna die every time I puke,
Shit's on fire, you can see the fumes
Stay a little while I'll let you see my shoes
Then I'll kill and confuse you with a fruit then I laugh out loud.

Started from the bottom or started from a scratch "chiki"
All of my verses wicked wicked
Them bitches be always tripping trippin’
Sit them down so you I'm crooked
And I know what I've doing, studio booking
Speed like bowing, getting drunk, tossing the coin
Tell me honey, really, are you willing to shift the gears up up to the ceiling?
"Woah what a feeling man I live for this shit!"
No projects assigned to me and its fine to me
So whenever they think they be lying to me or whenever they cryin' to me

Its just the peace of mind I cant get away
I don’t care about what they say
I chose the road less travel by so don’t get in my way
I laugh out of loud on their face

Man i got these motherfuckers runnin' overdose
Funny like the morning ain't sunny no more
Searching for a leprechaun find that pot of gold
Never talk shit so I put ‘em on hold
Thought I would shine in a million of millennium
But the cinema gave me enormous enema
With some normal cinnamon in my zone
I'm feeling my dilemma killing my pride, So I hit ‘em ma
I know we go stubborn so they cannot tell us our place
Where we should belong
I know we go stubborn so they cannot tell us our place, you know I've got
Dirt on my shirt, Blood on my turf
Need a companion
Call an introvert, then I ball him into dust too
Bad boys coming fast what you gonna do?
Five high fives for the folks livin’ hi-fi lives
Two middle fingers for them too why lie
They knew I lie so on their face I laugh out loud!
Track Name: Heed
I speak of my mind where ever I go
Pay no heed to my rhymes you might find more,
Plant a seed in my mind I don’t think it can grow
Provoke all you want but dont force me to blow
For some things ain't for sure
What you gonna do when the respect is sold?
When the big cats take your life and play catapult
Forget the rest if its forgettable
Cant you see?
I don't have much time
Got no time to think about the things that I'll never be
I'm just waiting for a day I shine
And like a woolly monkey i sit high in the canopy's
So they trynna shut my pride,
I don't care about ‘em cause they are just a bunch of wannabes
Putting up a lotta questions
They keep asking that where I've been keeping the enemies
Man I keep em close to my heart with my friends
Different part different cars driving
May I find you on the same road that I'm riding?
We walk toe to toe and then go down fightin'
Look up to the sky till the sun starts risin’
One day she'll read all the letters you are writing
She'll find ‘em cause life is nothing but a deep sea in which we are divin'

Its far away not a stray
It seems ‘lean on’ is all they say
The search will never ever end
Reach for the roots the voices bends

Now I understand, we care too much
But they don’t comprehend
Lookin’ for a touch of hand
When they love they pretend
Sipping on the blue riband
Everything's blue like the ink in my hand
But she burnt all the poems saw the paper deform
Black residue bending falling on the ground
Itself, its selfish to die all alone
In fact, infective when you ain't done no wrong

But my ink wasn't wasted though
Least she tasted hope that she liked what she read
Punctured wounds like holes in the net
With the vision of the lens lookin’ sort of convex
No the secret of the happiness ain't that complex
When I’m moving with my words
Let the whole vocal flex
Let it flow, no compression
I don't pay no attention to all the people that be talkin’ on my back!
Track Name: Way We Go
Look at the way we go
Fight till the bells start taking the toll
Running around town with a pack of wolves
Tear the house down with fire we hold entirely cold
That's all we know
Why we own so many things?
Each ring blings with the cha-cha-ching
You don’t know what the talent brings
Hard times and the empty stomachs
Barb wires on the road no rubbers
Sun rises but no light come up I one up
Every fucking time they run up
Yeah i know its been a li'l while and my records piling with no freestylin’
I'm on my grind and music so vicious so I ain't relaxing
Serving the village of destiny's island 9 to 5 and murdering violence better rewind it
Stuck right back in the game and the vision is never gonna be the same
Seven in a million its me they hate
Killin’ a chameleon who would debate on a particular enemy to be replaced
Whenever they fuckin' say you ain't gonna leave this place

I say - "Haa! Look at the way we go
Look at they way we go.
Fight till the bells start taking the toll
Yeah that's how we roll.
Haa! look at the way we go
Look at the way we go
Fight till the bells start taking the toll
Yeah that’s how we roll"

"When you sleep on the road, the roof above your head is limitless
For you may not know how close you are to your dreams,

So I rip up, every leg that tries to keep up
With my pace I'm doing 90 on the meter
Don’t let nobody figure, grab a thermometer
Blast faces when the body over heat up
Get up up on your feet for they are so many lessons to teach,
I preach in a speech of not paying the fees
My species has been extinct livin' life on a tint
I'm the only one alive bitch!
But I got a thousand lives
So they gonna raise the price
And if I survive then I'm gonna make it right
Then you wont need to fight OBSTINATE!