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Ape's coming at you from the north-west
Roll on the cycle, no porches, hold that
Beat right there!
Talk shit about your worst nightmare
Haha it ain't my first time here, yo it ain't my first time here,
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up!
Lemme make this shit clear huh?
First things first I ain't never like you
Shots in the dark, its the path I choose
And if I find you then I might fight you
My gun tight shoot you like phew phew
You gonna die every time I puke,
Shit's on fire, you can see the fumes
Stay a little while I'll let you see my shoes
Then I'll kill and confuse you with a fruit then I laugh out loud.

Started from the bottom or started from a scratch "chiki"
All of my verses wicked wicked
Them bitches be always tripping trippin’
Sit them down so you I'm crooked
And I know what I've doing, studio booking
Speed like bowing, getting drunk, tossing the coin
Tell me honey, really, are you willing to shift the gears up up to the ceiling?
"Woah what a feeling man I live for this shit!"
No projects assigned to me and its fine to me
So whenever they think they be lying to me or whenever they cryin' to me

Its just the peace of mind I cant get away
I don’t care about what they say
I chose the road less travel by so don’t get in my way
I laugh out of loud on their face

Man i got these motherfuckers runnin' overdose
Funny like the morning ain't sunny no more
Searching for a leprechaun find that pot of gold
Never talk shit so I put ‘em on hold
Thought I would shine in a million of millennium
But the cinema gave me enormous enema
With some normal cinnamon in my zone
I'm feeling my dilemma killing my pride, So I hit ‘em ma
I know we go stubborn so they cannot tell us our place
Where we should belong
I know we go stubborn so they cannot tell us our place, you know I've got
Dirt on my shirt, Blood on my turf
Need a companion
Call an introvert, then I ball him into dust too
Bad boys coming fast what you gonna do?
Five high fives for the folks livin’ hi-fi lives
Two middle fingers for them too why lie
They knew I lie so on their face I laugh out loud!


from Infraction, released May 2, 2017
Recorded at Tweaklab Studios.
Synth designed by Harshit Richhariya
Mixed and Mastered by Hanish Taneja
Artwork : Shrabani Baruah

Facebook - www.facebook.com/obstinateindia/
Youtube - goo.gl/OLUXPF
Instagram - instagram.com/weareobstinate

Music by Obstinate



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Obstinate India

We are a Rap/Djent band from India and we like to groove the fuck out!

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